Canteen [Refreshing in Leisure & Pleasure]

At LKCOE campus, there is provision of canteen which caters hot & cold drinks, snacks, nutritious breakfast and Lunch.

Medical Facilities [Caring for your health]

To ensure the students’ well being, LKCE campus has provision of Medical room, which has all the minimum basic facilities. The services of consultant doctors are always available in the hours of need.

Sports Facilities [Healthy mind in a Healthy body]

LKCOE provides all indoor and outdoor games facilities to ensure the all-round development of the students. Several sports competitions are being organized from time to time by the sports committee of the college. Our Physical Instructor takes care of college teams in Cricket, Badminton, Chess, Carom, Volleyball, Football, Handball, kho-kho, Kabbadi etc. during regular sports period.

Common Room [Relax when tired, if time permits]

Separate common room facilities are provided for girls and boys where they can relax during their academics if time permits. Common rooms are furnished with comfortable chairs, dinning tables and amusement facilities.

Transport Facility [Punctuality and Convenience]

Transportation facility is provided by LKCE to its staff members and students from Kurukshetra, Shahabad and Ambala on nominal expenditure.

Generator Facility [Un-irrupted Power supply]

Generator facility is provided by LKCE for un-irrupted power supply for the smooth functioning of all the electric devices and resource centers.

Parking Facility [safety of vehicles]

A well earmarked and planned parking facility for the vehicles of the staff, students and guests is available near the entrance of the college.