Message from the Principal

The aim of education is the fulfillment of man in all richness of his personality. As Swami Vivekananda put it, “The end of education is man-making and education is only the manifestation of the perfection already present in man.” At LKCE our goal is to chisel out the best in teacher trainee. Our focus is at providing a learning environment, where our prospective teachers will develop an aptitude for teaching and acquire all the teaching skills & temperament. We always wish to lay added emphasis on inculcating in our students the spirit of service to the society and developing a humane attitude. Our efforts are to groom the teachers of tomorrow in such a way that they can recognize and appreciate the values of past ‘Guru-Shishya Parampra’ and of course, to instill in them the scientific thinking. At L.K.C.E., we are dedicated to giving the society intelligent, well informed and socially responsible teachers by imparting Quality Teacher Education to them. All this is being done here through a team of competent and committed teachers with full devotion and dedication.

Lord Krishna College of Education