Lord Krishna College of Education has its own big building according the norms and conditions of the NCTE. At L.K.C.E. the excellent infrastructure including spacious classrooms, modern labs and the stocked Library provide a solid foundation for excellence in Teacher-Education. The building of the college is user friendly, have ramps, toilets, drinking purified water facility.

Classrooms [The Focused Learning Space]

LKCE have sufficient number of spacious classrooms which provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused Teaching-Learning Process. These have been well designed and furnished to bring together analysis with action and are augmented with integrated Teaching Aids for lectures, presentation etc.

Library [The Knowledge Resource Centre]

The world of books is the most remarkable creation of an institute. The soul of L.K.C.E. lies in its vast & well equipped library. The library of L.K.C.E. is like integrated knowledge Resource Centre that is stacked with over 7790 Books in total, 20 National & International journals, 6 Regional & National News Papers, Encyclopedias and magazines covering all aspects of academic studies, research material and co-curricular aspects. The Reading Room of our library is equipped with advanced Computer and Internet facility which is accessible to all staff members and students. Our specialist staff will always be there to help you with quick references. We continually upgrade & expand our knowledge resources.

Multi Purpose Hall [A Platform of interface]

L.K.C.E Multi Purpose Hall acts as a common ground for students, faculty and renowned educationists for regular interfaces, conferences, seminars and other events. This is the venue, where daily Morning assemblies are being held. For cultural events & seminars this Hall can be equipped with advanced presentation & communication tools like Public Addressing System, LCD Projector, OHP etc.

Laboratories [Training grounds for budding educationists]

L.K.C.E. has state-of-art labs, that allow the students experiment and bring to practice what they have learnt in theory.

ICT Resource Centre [Imparting Knowledge in the most Hi-tech Environment]

Our campus has an advanced ICT Resource Centre that provides computing facilities comprising of the latest HP/ IBM machines linked with a wide range of software, communication and print services. The software setup has latest versions of Windows internet connectivity. Various educational software like Dictionary, Encarta, MS-Office etc are available in the lab. The resource centre is equipped with LCD projector, OHP, Slide Projector, Computers, T.V., Tape Recorder, Radio and other audio visual aids.

HAE & Activity Room [Combining the tools & techniques with Education]

Advanced Technology contributes a lot in modern teaching-learning practices. Our perfect HAE (Handling of Available Equipment) Room enhances the potentials of would be teachers. This room has LCD Projector, Over Head Projector, Slide Projector, T.V., Tape Recorder, Radio and Audio-Visual Aids like charts, models, periodic tables, maps, atlas, globes, pictures, slides, transparencies meant for effective teacher training.

Science Lab [Developing scientific attitude and skills]

Our science lab is equipped with all facilities, essential for training in methodology of science teaching. It’s a resource place {qualitative and quantitative} of Life-Sciences & Physical Sciences teaching aid material. Demonstration and Improvisation skills are being inculcated among the students here.

Psychology Resource Centre [Assessing the capabilities]

Psychology is the science of behaviour. It is fundamental for the teachers to study and practice the tools of psychology for the betterment of teaching learning process. In the psychology lab., we have various psychology tests for assessing creativity, personality, intelligence, interest, aptitude and attitude of the students. All these scales, inventories and tests enable the prospective teachers to know about the inherent potentials and skills of their students.

Art and Craft Lab (Learning by Doing)

A separate art & Craft lab has been established for aesthetic development of learners and for nourishing the skills of drawing and painting rejuvenating the waste material, demonstration and improvisation skills are being inculcated among the students here.

Language Laboratory [Developing communication skills]

Good pronunciation in English language, is, ‘sine qua non’ of the art of communication through speech. Yet much attention is not paid to this aspect of language learning and teaching in our educational institutions. Especially in the context where English is learnt as a second language, the problem becomes all the more alarming. The linguistic habits already acquired in learning the mother tongue stand in the way of learning the language and thus hamper the proficiency in speaking the language. In Indian context, the need for proper training in English sounds system, is very much required. When we interact with people from different regions of the country, it is generally observed that either they fail to produce a particular sound or they produce incorrectly. So it becomes essential that students belonging to various regions are exposed to the same standard material in the language laboratory in order to develop uniform and acceptable habits of speech.

To upgrade & update the language proficiency of students and prospective teachers in speaking English & other language, Lord Krishna College of Education, Adhoya (Ambala) has established two Language Laboratories. The one Lab. is clubbed with ICT Resource Center where latest Language Learning Software Package from Orell Technologies has been installed on 16 systems, 1 for teacher and 15 for students. The students can communicate with each other and also with the teacher and vice versa without disturbing others in the laboratory. All the computers have Internet Access to search new content related to their studies and language learning. The other Language Laboratory has an Audio System and a Computer with latest language learning software installed on it.There are 20 channels for students and one for the teacher. Related material has been added which caters to the needs of various categories of students. It will be an honest Endeavour on the part of the in-charge Language Laboratory to install certain courses like Business English, Spoken English, and Day-to-Day English, etc. for the trainees of the college. These courses are conducted with the help of audio, videotapes and computer CDs.