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President Message

Education is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future. Investment in education yields significant development benefits for any country. The Budget 2019-20, therefore, has significant component this year such as 'Study in India' campaign that aims to launch India onto the international student scene to promote the country as a higher education destination. This needs for reforms in schools and higher education institutions. The focus of the budget is on inclusive growth. Huge opportunities are expected from the education sector in the coming years. Looking back on the past 12 years opens a small window into my thinking and the vision of each leader-how they saw education in the world and what they hoped for it to achieve. For me, a small phrase: Making a Difference describes not only what we do now, but what we aspire to do. We want to make a difference. We strive to help, to have an impact, to make the world a bit better. I must say we are part of a winning team. And by that I mean winning the hearts of the community whom we serve. Lord Krishna College of Education is doing well in this respect, and it would be much better in the coming years. Regardless of where a child is born, who her/his parents are what her/his caste, class and religion is, whether he can see, hear, walk or not, providing ample educational opportunities is one of the most fundamental obligations the institution owes. I am reminded of Robert Frost's line: "I have miles to go before I sleep". Much needs to be done and time doesn't standstill. "Atto Deepo Bhava" meaning "Be your Own Light" motivates us to always work hard with dedication and integrity to enlighten ourselves and contribute to the society's welfare. The college provides ample opportunities to mingle together in academics, sports, Eco-Club, gender development, cultural and other extra-curricular activities organized through different clubs and societies from time to time. The faculty of the institute (Teaching/ non Teaching) has been putting forth their efforts for the progress of this institution. People say that the memories we create during our college years, stay with us forever and they miss their time at college more than anything else. I am sure that the college wi II be a corner stone in helping your dream, visualize and plan for your future. You will have wonderful time here during which you wi 11 grow, learn, make friends for Iife and prepare for the next professional stage in your career. You can count on us for anything that we can do for you during your stay in the college. With these words, I look forward to seeing. Mr. Raj Kumar Sangwan Chairman